Madden NFL 25 – Raiders vs Jaguars Gameplay (Xbox 360) Full Game!

Madden 25 Gameplay featuring a full game between the Oakland Raiders and Jacksonville Jaguars. Get a Mobile Alert for new SGU Videos:…


  1. Sports Gaming Universe says:
  2. jagfan101 says:

    Who the hell are you talking to?

  3. Mustafa Hamidy says:

    Madden, if you gonna show players faces, at least make sure the resemble
    the actual players a little. Who the hell is #50, at the beginning of the
    clip? That’s awful. And this is why I constantly bring up 2k5. That game
    was almost a decade old, and things like this were spot on. You look at Tom
    Brady or Mannings and you know it’s them. Even some less known players are
    perfect, FA as well. Not saying i’m not gonna play the game, because, well,
    there is no other football game to play, but com’on!

  4. Mustafa Hamidy says:

    Oh, and at the two raider fans, please stop defending McFadden..i’m tired
    of seeing his ass on the sidelines every yr. I can’t wait till he his gone
    so some other players could get a chance and we could go an actual RB, not
    one that acts like one

  5. Brandon Burnett says:

    Ace sanders my nigga!!

  6. biker5897 says:


  7. BostonRedSoxForever says:

    Terrible graphics…

  8. sergeantjabari says:

    No, you’re just spoiled.

  9. stillrumone says:


  10. Christian Henderson says:

    Lol cry baby Raiders fans

  11. 108Ajrocks says:

    GO JAGS!

  12. Jeremy Wooten says:

    Stand United

  13. Kaamil Malone says:

    jaguars helmets popin like itss tuff

  14. Willie Perdue says:


  15. Sull Gameing says:

    dude even thouh yall beat us jags are better face oit

  16. Pedro Lucas Glroia says:


  17. Ryan Veazie says:

    Can somebody tell me how to play online I made an orgin account but it just
    loads all dat

  18. F Perez says:

    I understand its a lot of work to make the fans for every stadium… but
    could they at least be wearing black at the Raiders’ home stadium? Lol

  19. William Wynn says:

    The key word is when McFadden is healthy.he’s not.injured every year.he
    spends more time on the sideline then the coach.

  20. elboozie says:

    Fuck ya niggas

  21. RAGING DOG says:

    is the hit stick still in madden??

  22. Josh French says:

    the jags are a bunch of wankas with their heads stuck up their asses

  23. bryson mayes says:

    what a hell of a game

  24. bryson mayes says:

    hahahah you lost

  25. rougehotdog says:

    Lost to an npc? Lol

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