Seattle Seahawks Derrick Coleman Duracell Commercial

Inspirational Commercial Featuring Deaf NFL Player…..Derrick Coleman, running back for the Seattle Seahawks.


  1. Rick Lachner says:

    Awesome message and story.

  2. etriiip says:

    Didn’t know the brother was hearing impaired. Brotha, that’s awesome.
    Best of luck against the 49er’s.

  3. etriiip says:

    Let me make myself clear. It’s not awesome you’re hearing impaired…I
    think it’s great you didn’t quit and kept going no matter what. Hat’s off
    to you, man.

  4. Jason Beach says:


  5. jayden kempfer says:

    I never knew this so this changes my look at him even though I did not like

  6. LoveMyUnusual says:

    I’m not into sports, but this is an awesome story and commercial.

  7. Milt M says:

    I am hearing impaired and I found the player and commercial inspirational

  8. an na says:

    top notch advertising

  9. Al Ragin says:

    “…But i been deaf since i was 3, so i didnt listen…” #WHAM!!

  10. Michael Aviary says:

    The only ad I did not click away from and I actually watched through until
    the end

  11. Michael Macias says:


  12. Jorge says:

    I’m sure he can hear the 12th man. Go Hawks!

  13. RacerExx says:

    Great message, and a great representative for UCLA

  14. Montrez Tinson says:

    that was awesome i had to watch it a 3rd time

  15. tylawsonisraw says:

    I’m a niner fan and this guy is one of my favorite players in the league. A
    guy that never gave up and kept on trying. Everyone is rooting for ya

  16. Jim I says:

    we are proud to have him play as a Seahawk. What a great inspiration for
    everyone. Go Hawks!

  17. savebylundqvist3530 says:

    beautiful commerical. I usually skip adds right when it pasts the 5 second
    mark, but it caught my eye, thank goodness I watched this through.

  18. Renee Safford-White says:

    The best is yet to come for this amazing young man, #seahawks

  19. artavious williams says:

    Who are the 2 that didnt like this

  20. Ry Va says:

    Wow, simply, wow…

  21. Jose Aceves says:

    Its funny because the ad came up before the vid

  22. david eisenbud says:

    Hawks rock & roll!

  23. Bailey Tueting says:

    Gret commercial very inspiring… Just one question: what does it have to
    do with Duracell?????

  24. Richard Nagulyak says:

    Every player on the seahawks has a chip on his shoulder from being drafted
    low to being called to short to the place they came from to being deaf
    that’s one thing that makes the hawks good

  25. tohrulol says:

    I never skip this ad.

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